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Tobacco Leaf

Imagine the deep, smoky character of tobacco leaf absolute, Haitian vetiver, leather, spiked with gin, as it instantly transports you to an overstuffed chair by the fireplace in a dimly-lit tavern, rich with New England charm and history. This earthy, satisfying scent is gently peppered with aromatic green cardamom and lavender. The scent of rose bud on a gentleman’s lapel is understated yet significantly intimate. The depth of this composition is undeniable and was inspired by memories of Boston, Harvard, the Lampoon Castle and the Harvard Club on Commonwealth Avenue.

Tobacco leaf lends a raw intensity and a deep, smoky aroma to a fragrance composition. The moisture from the Connecticut River infiltrates the earth, allowing for ideal cultivating conditions for New England’s shade tobacco. Shade tobacco is one of the most demanding and labor intensive varieties, and thus is used as a wrapper for some of the world’s rarest cigars.

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