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New Orleans


Southern courtesy and sweet pleasantries of praline, almond, and green cognac notes unknowingly lure you in with an inexplicable, mysterious temptation that drops you into a hallucinogenic rabbit hole of datura’s night-blooming honeyed and carnal indulgence. Somalian myrrh and Omani frankincense transport you through the night, creating a spiritual tribute to Louisiana’s historic voodoo culture, while the aroma of lush osmanthus and iris awaken you from your bewitching dreams. Creole spices of peppers and cardamom blended with rare cocoa ground the composition, making this scent of lust and sin an alchemy of New Orleans’ otherworldly spirit.

Devil's Trumpet, also known as Datura, is kin to it's name. Devilish and sadistic, this exotic, ornamental flower only blooms in the evening, and possesses powers that go beyond its heady and erotic scent. Since ancient times, Datura seeds have been used in shamanistic and voodoo rituals, to communicate with spirits, due to their hallucinogenic and trance-inducing properties. Datura naturally grows along roadsides and fencerows in New Orleans, as it feeds on the humidity and richness of the soil. A day before the flower blooms, the Datura bud unfolds its petals in a spiral pattern, a beautiful example of the Fibonacci sequence in nature. It has Devil in its name for many reasons, the most important for perfumery being its heady, sweet, intoxicating scent that is heavily pronounced in our newest scent, New Orleans Datura.

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