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Cherry Blossom

The sweet subtleness of cherry blossoms is enhanced by a rich base of velvety vanilla, which gives way to a spirituous fusion of spices at the heart of the fragrance—bay leaf, black pepper, dill seed, and nutmeg. Musk and tobacco illustrate the city’s grit and 90’s soul, grounding the impassioned scent. A spicy yet sweet blend not for the faint of heart.

The cherry blossom is renowned more for its physical beauty than scent, in fact, its fragrance is so delicate that some can’t even detect it. Mildly rose-like, with a hint of sweet and spicy cherry, it mysteriously pronounces itself at unexpected moments. The DC cherry blossoms are mostly of the Yoshino variety, and were donated by the Japanese in 1912 to the United States as a gesture of friendship.

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