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Orange Blossom

Amber warms you like a tropical day at the beach while citrus undertones flirt in the ocean breeze. Biting into a fresh orange, you saunter through a lush Floridian garden rich with exotic florals of ylang ylang, jasmine, and orange blossom. The night culminates as you fall down onto the seductive, moon-lit sand, looking up at the sparking stars. Exhilarating and sexy, this composition seduces the senses, much like Miami itself.

Orange Blossoms are touted for their aphrodisiac qualities, and as such, are often found in traditional bridal bouquets and headdresses. The orange blossoms bloom in the spring, and bear fruit in the autumn and winter, and thus are also celebrated and worn in bridal wreaths due to its fruitfulness and fertility-inducing powers.

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