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Nomaterra Fragrances Now Being Sold on Posted on 6 Oct 22:17 , 0 comments

Nomaterra Fragrances Now Being Sold on One of our most favorite DC bloggers is now carrying our Nomaterra travel sprays, and will be carrying the Nomaterra roll-ons and candles by the end of this month. For those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Meg, or reading her blog, this girl has the kind of energy, spontaneous brilliance, and not to mention, style, one can only envy (she's also been named 2013 "Style Setter" by Washingtonian Magazine). Her extensive knowledge and tips range from entrepreneurial to health-related to what to wear this season. With a lifestyle blog and marketing and social media consulting business that's been growing since 2007, and a new store that has opened this month, this girl is on fire and we highly recommend checking out her website,

Nomaterra joins bespoke fashion designers Pico Vela and Kim Schalk in Pop-Up Boutique in D.C. Posted on 24 Sep 11:32 , 0 comments

Nomaterra joins bespoke fashion designers Pico Vela and Kim Schalk in Pop-Up Boutique in D.C.

Join us this weekend as we debut our fall collections. Nomaterra will be revealing all of their latest fragrances--Oahu Gardenia, Malibu Honeysuckle, Boston Tobacco Leaf, and Savannah Magnolia. Stop by from 10 am - 7pm, Friday - Sunday, at 731 8th Street SE in Capitol Hill, D.C. Can't wait to see you all there!

New Niche Fragrance Reviews: Nomaterra Miami, East Hampton and Washington DC – Niche On-the-Go + Reader’s Choice Travel Spray Draw Posted on 27 Mar 14:46 , 0 comments

New Niche Fragrance Reviews: Nomaterra Miami, East Hampton and Washington DC – Niche On-the-Go + Reader’s Choice Travel Spray Draw

Check out this fantastic review of Nomaterra's fragrances!

In My Bag: Nomaterra's Founder Aggie Burnett Posted on 4 Mar 15:05 , 0 comments

Here's a glimpse into Aggie's everyday carry-ons -- overflowing with travel, beauty, and Nomaterra essentials.

In My Bag: Nomaterra Founder Aggie Burnett

Nomaterra Founder Aggie Burnett

The Bag: Dior Saddle Bag: "I bought this bag in 2007 -- It was one of the first items that I purchased while working at Glamour Magazine."

Nivea Hand Cream: "I love this hand cream because it's really moisturizing for my super dry hands in the winter and it absorbs quickly."

Duri Rejuvacote: "This is a perfect product to use to touch up your nails right before an event, plus it makes your nails super strong and makes them grow quickly. And it's made in Brooklyn!"

Laura Mercier Travel Mascara: "This mascara makes my lashes voluminous and jet black on-the-go."

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bellini: "This lip gloss is really special to me; I wore it on my wedding day!"

Benefit Benetint: "I've loved this since it first came out and I haven't stopped wearing it. It's great for lips and cheeks for a just-ran-outside flush."

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner in #25: "I will never wear any eyeliner but this one. It goes on perfectly, makes your eyes pop and never smears."

Nomaterra East Hampton Travel Spray: "With the coming of spring I'm starting to get in the mood with Nomaterra's East Hampton fragrance. It's clean, fresh, and how I want to smell now."

Travel & Leisure: "I love catching up on the newest and greatest spots to travel to while I'm on the subway."

Nomaterra Samples: "I always carry samples with me wherever I go to have people try our scents."

Nomaterra Fragrance Wipes: "I always carry a few of these in my bag for sampling or for personal use."

Tide To Go Pen: "This instantly removes any clothing stains that may happen throughout my busy day."

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat: "This makes me look completely rested even if I only slept three hours last night."

Nomaterra Business Cards: "These are essential."

Inglot Lip Pencil in #12: "I love this lip liner because it doubles as a lipstick and it doesn't smear."

Necklace: "My grandmother's diamond necklace. I carry it with me for good luck."

Hershey's Kisses: "I don't leave my apartment without a few Hershey's milk chocolate kisses. They give me an instant energy boost."

Sunglasses: "I love my $5 turquoise retro sunglasses. I never buy name brand glasses because I lose or break them too quickly."

Givenchy Card Holder: "I use this convenient little holder to store my ID, metro card, and other essentials."

Passports: "These get me to wherever I need to go in America, Europe and beyond."

Kindle: "Perfect for a quick read on the subway or during airport delays."

Cashmere Gloves: "These are great transitional gloves from winter to spring and they're special to me because I got them from my sister-in-law."

Nomaterra Post Cards: "These are great for when I want to share more information at an event or in a store."

What's in your day bag?

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