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Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt San Francisco Clue #2 Posted on 26 Mar 15:38 , 0 comments

Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt SF #2 The concept for this store was conceived in 1998 a flight somewhere between New York and Paris by two business travelers, John Sencion and Brad John. Be the first to find this fantastic travel store to win a bottle of Nomaterra's Miami fragrance! Be sure to send a photo of yourself with the bottle to!

Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt San Francisco Clue #1 Posted on 26 Mar 10:48 , 0 comments

San Francisco Scavenger Hunt Clue #1   Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt San Francisco is on!! Clue #1 -- you can find a free bottle of our Miami fragrance on in Hayes Valley on Hayes between Octavia and Laguna Streets. When you find it send us a pic of you with the product to

Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt Los Angeles Clue #3 Posted on 22 Mar 12:21 , 0 comments

LA Scavenger Hunt Clue #3 If you find yourself near Melissa Akkaway's B-named boutique, then you're hot on the heels of the Nomaterra LA Scavenger Hunt! Be sure to stop in and ask for Heather to win your own bottle of Nomaterra's classic East Hampton fragrance!

Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt LA: Clue #2 Posted on 21 Mar 22:32 , 0 comments

LA Hunt Nomaterra Scavenger Hunt Los Angeles Clue #2: find a free bottle of our East Hampton fragrance at this gorgeous luxury clothing and accessories store that has locations in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Nomaterra’s On the Road! Posted on 13 Mar 13:10 , 0 comments

Next Tuesday, March 19th, Nomaterra founders Ben and Aggie are hitting the road and heading west for our first Nomaterra road trip! The Nomaterra-mobile will be making stops all along the Pacific coast. Our trip will start in Los Angeles, CA and we’ll wrap up in Seattle, WA. The best part? Giveaways! In each town we stop in we’ll leave one of our travel sprays hidden, and will post clues on our Facebook and Twitter pages to lead followers to the product!  Once the product is found, the winner can take a victory photo with their trophy and send it to us so we can post their victory online! As we make our way up the coast, we'll also be checking out restaurants, sites, and more and posting reviews right here on our blog for all of you lovely people. For those of you on the West Coast, we'd love to hear your recommendations! Where should we go, what should we eat, where should Nomaterra be? Let us know in the comments!

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