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[caption id="attachment_2692" align="alignleft" width="580"]Meg Biram in Shanghai Meg Biram in Shanghai[/caption] We recently did an interview with the amazing lifestyle blogger, Meg Biram of We asked her about her favorite travel experiences and on-the-go beauty's what she had to say!
1. What's your most favorite location you've ever traveled to and why? 
I like different places for different reasons, so I don't know that there's a favorite necessarily. For beaches, the best I've been to so far is the Bahamas. I loved Colombia, South America, and Ireland was gorgeous.
2. What was the scariest location you've ever traveled to and why? 
Definitely when I was in Colombia. I stood out like a sore thumb being blonde and blue/green eyed and unfortunately with some of the drugs and crime that happens there, I was a tiny bit scared of being kidnapped. Luckily it was totally fine.
3. Best hotel pool you've lounged at?
El Dorado on the Mayan Riviera
4. Best meal you've had and where? 
Too many to choose!
5. Most important thing you've learned on your travels?
Planning is important, but also to leave time for wandering.
6. Favorite novel to read on a plane?
Magazines or whatever book I've got downloaded on my iPad. I read constantly.
7. Favorite/funny encounter (either with other fellow travelers or with a local)?
I saw the Bushman in SF. That was pretty funny.
8. Any advice on on-the-go/on-the-move beauty? (What are some tips you may have for taking care of your skin, body, nails, hair while traveling)
Depending on where I'm going and for how long, it's totally worth it to get a gel mani. Then you don't have to worry about your nails at all.
9. Any beauty/health rituals for a long flight?
Neck pillow. A good one.
10. What's your favorite Nomaterra travel product and why? 
Boston Roll-on Perfume. It's enough for an entire trip but small for travel.
*Originally published by Nomaterra Fragrances | @nomaterra

Travel Spotlight: A Guide to Southwest Florida Posted on 13 Aug 11:02 , 0 comments

IMG_0243 (3) Most people will concur, it’s nice to get away from the ruckus of every-day life from time to time. Sometimes it is a necessity to tune out and take a digital detox. Recently, part of the Nomaterra team had a chance to visit Southwest Florida and the pristine white sandy beaches of North Captiva Island, which provided a wonderful experience of true seclusion. Of course, to perfectly complement our seaside journey, we brought along a couple of our favorite Nomaterra scents: Malibu Honeysuckle and Miami Orange Blossom. IMG_0032 (1) IMG_0030 (2) IMG_0017 (1) IMG_0009 (1) IMG_0002 The tropical paradise, known as North Captiva Island, is located on the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida. Being that this remote and undiscovered private island community is only accessible by ferry, private boat or a small plane, it provided a nostalgic outlook of old Florida as it once was during a simpler time. Part of the Lee Island Coast barrier island chain, the island is dispersed across an extensive state land preserve and is filled with million dollar homes that border seven miles of immaculate beaches. The stunning island was filled with gorgeous tropical Frangipani (Plumeria) trees, giving the island an amazing aroma of citrus, pineapple, and coconut. Interestingly, you will find no cars, crowds, or paved roads as you travel by golf cart or bicycle on sandy trails. IMG_0090 (1) IMG_0088 (1) IMG_0081 IMG_0080 IMG_0078 IMG_0007 (1) If isolation stirs up fears of boredom – do not fear. North Captiva Island offers some of the best shelling around, as visitors can find many rare and colorful shells. Additionally, the island provides a vast array of recreational activities such as tennis, swimming, golfing, biking, kayaking, boating, parasailing, scuba diving and fishing. Needless to say, boredom is not an issue. Guests can also bask in the grandeur of watching sunrise and sunset on striking beaches, or in viewing a pod of dolphins as they catch an early lunch of tarpon. IMG_0094 (1) IMG_0097 (1) IMG_0045 In addition to North Captiva Island, we took a half-day visit to the small community of Matlacha, which is located on Pine Island and part of the Cape Coral – Fort Myers metropolitan area. Matlacha is an “Old Florida” fishing village and is home to many brightly colored art galleries, island boutiques, seafood restaurants, and traditional Floridian cottages. We stopped in for lunch at Mulletville Waterside Seafood Restaurant where we shared a small plate of stone crab legs, a wedge salad with blue cheese crumbles and smoked bacon (to die for!), and a side of rice and bean. All dishes were delicious! We also browsed Matlacha’s charming boutiques and art galleries, such as Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens which features an array of eccentric pieces from paintings to painted furniture. Wildchild Art Gallery featured whimsical scenes of wildlife and sea life motifs, sculptures, garden furnishings, and other unique novelty items. Frills, a small gift boutique, was filled with cute casual skirts, dresses, swimsuit cover-ups, and handmade jewelry. The town of Matlacha most definitely proved to be an art-connoisseur’s utopia. Even the telephone poles were painted with murals! IMG_0236 IMG_0235 IMG_0234 IMG_0233 IMG_0232 (1) The last journey on our trip was to historical downtown of Punta Gorda, which is situated along beautiful Charlotte Harbor and just 30 minutes north of Matlacha. Punta Gorda is an architecturally rich “True Florida” boating town that offers an old Florida atmosphere. Cobbled streets are lined with huge royal palms, historical period homes, and vintage street lights, as well as trendy restaurants, bistros, spas, and eclectic shopping. One could also partake in Punta Gorda’s art walk, which circuits the city’s ten outdoor murals, each depicting the city’s natural and cultural histories, or engage in a number of environmental and wildlife centers such as Peace River Wildlife Center. Visitors can also tour the town’s varied museums such as the Museum of African-American History and Culture, or go for a jog along winding trails and pathways in Laishley Park on Peace River or Gilchrist Park along the harbor. Short on time, we decided to skip out on the art walk and focus on taking Punta Gorda’s historical walking excursion, which takes a lovely stroll along the town’s History District. Many of the homes were built in the late 1800s. Unfortunately, 2004’s Hurricane Charley extensively damaged many of the homes, structures, and historical landmarks. However, a revitalization of the City took place in the immediate years after the storm and resulted in the restoration of buildings. Along our tour, we saw the most amazing and beautiful Banyan tree, which was located on a Historical Landmark, where the first home built in Punta Gorda once resided. IMG_0106 (1) IMG_0104 (2) After our leisurely promenade and sightseeing the beautiful historic homes, we took a quick visit to Fisherman’s Village. The waterfront village is a brightly colored complex that comprises of several boutiques, candy and coffee shops, gift shops, restaurants, and a resort and marina, all under one roof. To finalize the evening, we decided to have dinner alongside a gorgeous sunset. Our chosen restaurant (mostly for the view) was Hurricane Charley’s Raw Bar & Grill. This dockside bar, part of PG’s Waterfront Hotel and Suites, provided an amazing front-side view to one of nature’s most incredible shows – sunset. Not to mention, the restaurant featured great live music and our dishes were equally amazing and tasty. We shared the Blue Crab Tower which consisted of jumbo lump and back fin crab meat mixed with avocado, mango and arugula topped with a champagne vinaigrette (yum!), and the Shrimp Grits – gulf shrimp sautéed in Cajun spices and Tasso ham atop home style cheese grits and topped with sauce creole (double yum!). The meal was impressive and best of all, we got to watch an incredible sun down. Needless to say, the meal and sunset was a delightful cap off to the evening. IMG_0239 IMG_0111 (2)    

      IMG_0006 (1) - Copy IMG_0067 (2) - Copy IMG_0049 - Copy IMG_0053 - Copy IMG_0025 (2) - Copy IMG_0018 (1) - Copy

Tell us, where’s the most remote destination you've visited?


5 Easy Yoga Poses to Do While Traveling Posted on 17 Jun 19:28 , 0 comments

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”                                                                                                                         -  Anonymous Nothing compliments  a nice relaxing vacation or business trip like some stress-relieving yoga. Yoga is the perfect "on-the-go" workout that you can literally do anywhere at anytime - and it requires no equipment! In addition, yoga has a myriad of  benefits: it stretches you out, massages your internal organs, improves circulation, and reduces anxiety. So whether you are in your hotel room, or about to suffer a long train, plane, or car ride, these quick yoga moves will prepare your mind, body, and spirit for that business meeting you're about to tackle, or "mental break" you've been looking forward to all week!  

Pose 1: Seated Spinal Twist

[caption id="attachment_2501" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo Credit: CNN Travel Photo Credit: CNN Travel[/caption] How-To: On the edge of your seat, or on the ground, gently cross your right knee over your left knee. Then, bring your left hand across your right knee and your other arm on the armrest. If you are seated on the floor, place your left elbow on the outside of your right knee, and your right hand on the ground, directly behind your back  and aligned with the spine. Next, take a deep inhale and then turn towards your right side on your exhale. Take five deep breaths. Then repeat on other side. ¹  Why It's Good: Spinal twists are great for realising daily stress and tension, stimulates circulation, helps to alleviate strain and calms the nervous system.        

Pose 2: Bridge Pose

[caption id="attachment_2553" align="alignright" width="300"]yoga-pose-full-wheel-pose-1439-1 Photo Credit:[/caption] This pose is perfect if you have some time to kill in your hotel room or if you are taking in some beautiful scenery at the beach or park. How-To: Place a hotel blanket or towel on the floor and lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Rest your arms by your sides. Press your feet and arms on the ground as you exhale, contract your abs, and press your hips to the ceiling. Roll your shoulders back and underneath your body as press your back up further, and clasp your hands beneath you, or if you are up for the challenge, try grabbing your ankles for an extra stretch. Why It's Good: Not only does this pose strengthen your glutes, spine, thighs, and core,  but it also helps to improve flexibility, stimulates the thyroid and combats any menstruation problems.  

Pose 3: Standing Forward Fold

[caption id="attachment_2552" align="alignleft" width="260"]yoga-folds Photo Credit:[/caption]

This is, undoubtedly, one of my favorite poses, as it is such a great relaxer and helps to relieve any tension on the back.

How-To: Stand with your feet hip distant apart. Exhale and bend forward from your hip joints, and tilt forward with your knees slightly bent. You can either let your arms hang down freely, place one hand onto each elbow, or touch the floor if you are flexible enough for a deeper stretch. Press your heels firmly on the floor, lift your sitting bones towards the ceiling.  Take 8-10 deep breaths, then stand up slowly. Why It's Good: Forward bends strengthen your hips, hamstrings, thighs and calves,  lengthens your spine, and rejuvenates and clams the body.  

Pose 4: Tree Pose

[caption id="attachment_2504" align="alignright" width="380"]Photo Credit: CNN Travel Photo Credit: CNN Travel[/caption]

How-To: Standing with your feet together, ground down on all corners of your feet. First, distribute your weight evenly between both legs. Then,  shift your weight onto your left leg. Take a big inhale and bring your right foot onto your left anklebone, with your knee out wide. Grab your ankle and guide it to inner left thigh as you look ahead. Be sure that your foot is either above or below the knee. Next, press your foot into your inner thigh, while also pressing your inner thigh against your foot.  Hold the pose. Another trick is to think about pulling your right knee and inner thigh towards the back of the room. Your hands can stay on your hips, or alternatively, you can bring your arms in front of your chest into prayer position, or "spread your roots" with your arms actively reaching above your head. Hold for up to one minute. While exhaling, release your foot and arms back down. Repeat on the other side. Why It's Good: This pose is great for improving focus and concentration while calming the mind. Other benefits include the strengthening and toning of the legs, buttocks, ligaments and tendons of the feet, while also building self-esteem and self-confidence.²  

Pose 5: Chair Pose

[caption id="attachment_2551" align="alignright" width="300"]11223093215_0633440c2e_o (2) Photo Credit: Flickr User Amy[/caption]

How-To: Stand with your feet and knees together, with big toes touching and heals slightly apart. Then, inhale as you raise your arms above your head, and exhale as you bend your knee. You can either keep your arms perpendicular to the floor, or bring palms together. Alternatively, you can also reach out in front of you, extending your arms parallel. Try to bend your knees and bring your thighs as parallel to the floor as possible, keeping your shoulder blades down and below your ears. Breathe deeply for five-10 breaths or for up to one minute. Inhale as you  straighten your legs and release to standing

Why It's Good: Chair pose is the ultimate leg strengthener. It is a strong pose, and strong legs keep you grounded, even while flying. Chair pose builds muscle tone in the entire  lower half of your body, as it strengthens hip flexors, ankles, calves, and back. It also stretches out the chest and back, and stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs.  

Are you an avid yogi? Share with us some of your favorite yoga poses to do while  traveling!

    References: Dodson, C (2011, September 9). "Airplane Yoga: 18 exercises for healthy living." CNN Travel (Online News Article). Retrieved                                 from: Kiltz, R. (2010, October 29). "The Health Benefits of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)" (Weblog). Retrieved                                                                                           from:

Nomaterra On-The-Go Posted on 7 Aug 10:09 , 0 comments

20130807-100749.jpg Nomaterra fragrances keep you fresh on the go, from airplanes to taxis or where ever your journey may take you!

Get Your Work Out In on the Go Posted on 25 Apr 12:09 , 0 comments

Here at Nomaterra, we're all about travel; all of our products are perfect for use on-the-go, making it easy for you to smell fantastic wherever your life takes you. But as avid travelers ourselves, we know it isn't always as easy to transport the rest of your daily life with you when you're leaving on a jet plane. On the road, one of the first things many of us let go is our work out regimen. Of course, taking a break every once in a while won't ruin your fitness goals, but it really is best to stay in a routine. So in an attempt to make it easier for you to stick to that routine, we've cultivated a few of our favorite tips and tricks for working out on the go! 1. YogaGlo: This amazing subscription site provides a wide range of video yoga classes online! You can sort by style, difficulty, or length, and pick the perfect class for you! If your hotel room is big enough, lay out a towel on the floor and work your way through one of these classes in the privacy of your own room. As an added bonus, you'll be totally calm and relaxed once you finish! 2. Body Weight Work Out: One of the easiest ways to get your workout in is to use the one thing you're sure to have with you: you're own body weight! Do three sets of each of the following exercises for a quick and easy full body workout: 12-15 Squats 12-15 Wide Leg Squats 12-15 Calf Raises (each leg) 10-12 Incline Push-Ups: rest your feet up on the bed or a chair, then stretch your body out and place your hands on the floor! 12-15 Tricep Dips: use a nightstand or chair to work the backs of your arms! 20 Crunches 12-15 Reverse Crunches (these are fantastic for working your lower abs) 30 seconds-1 minutes plank This workout can be modified to incorporate more or less of any particular muscle group, and should be super quick and easy to get done no matter where you are! 3. Walk It Off: If you're on vacation, take advantage of the ability to walk around to sight see; you'll be getting your workout in without even realizing it! 4. Swim Laps: Even if your hotel doesn't have a gym, it's likely they'll have a pool. Swimming laps is fantastic cardio and works your entire body at the same time! If the pool is outside, be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen before diving in. How do you stay fit while traveling?  

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