Boomerangit: Lost and Found Made Easy Posted on 5 Aug 11:36 , 0 comments

lost-and-found-pic1 It can be hard enough for many of us to keep track of our various gadgets and possessions on a day-to-day basis, not to mention how tricky things get once you throw travel into the mix. Enter Boomerangit, a progression from a 1984 bike registration company which made it easier for police to identify recovered bicycles. According to the company, "BoomerangIt is a global lost and found return service that works with law enforcement, Good Samaritans and other fiduciaries, such as hotels, restaurants and airlines, to help return lost and stolen property to its rightful owners worldwide. It uses easy-to-affix, unique ID labels and tags backed by a secure online database to identify recovered items." Boomerangit exists as either a subscription service or as individual packs, where you can purchase a set number of tags to affix to your items which are then entered into the database. We think that having one on our phones, laptops, and maybe even our suitcases would be a great idea! Be sure to follow Nomaterra on Twitter and Facebook!