Travel Shot Tuesday: Founder Edition Posted on 6 Aug 11:47 , 0 comments


The 2013 Travel Advisor's Top 25 Landmarks of the World list had a very exciting surprise for us a Nomaterra; the Main Market Square in Krakow, Poland, was featured as number 10 on the list. Our founder, Aggie Burnett, grew up an hour outside of Krakow in Kowatice, and spent many summers vacationing in Krakow. Known as the cultural capitol of Poland, Krakow is a fantastic city, which you can read more about in an article Aggie wrote during her years studying journalism at New York University. Check out the Trip Advisor list for a number of other wanderlust inducing destinations, as well as more information about Krakow! And as always be sure to follow Nomaterra on Twitter and Facebook!