Making the Most of Your Travel Points Posted on 17 Oct 10:49 , 0 comments

Making the Most of Your Travel Points

If you're a travel fanatic like us, then this site will be invaluable to you. You may already be familiar with it, but we just stumbled upon it and don't know how we've survived traveled this far without utilizing every bit of advice from this site. The Points Guy breaks it down for you in a few easy steps for beginner's, and then there is an additional wealth of information on his site and twitter ranging from destination highlights to celebrity chef created airline menus to detailed information on acquiring and doubling your points through different cards, hotels, and airlines. Check it out for yourself, you'll want to get started on a strategy ASAP and start using those miles!

(Only downfall we've seen so far...the destinations he spotlights are pretty standard, nothing too out of the ordinary, but still incredibly wonderful places!)