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Nomaterra Fragrance at Thistle & Clover boutique TOMORROW for splashy V-Day event! Posted on 10 Feb 12:48 , 0 comments

Nomaterra Fragrance at Thistle & Clover boutique TOMORROW for splashy V-Day event!

Join us TOMORROW NIGHT (02/11/14) from 6 - 8:30pm at Fort Greene's Thistle & Clover boutique for a Valentine's Day Night! Nomaterra Fragrances and Candles (including our coveted Brooklyn scent), cookies from local confectioners, Whimsy & Spice, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, wine, and gifts with purchases! RSVP at for tomorrow's event! Thistle & Clover Boutique 221 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

Nomaterra Artist Spotlight: Michelle Kiela Posted on 31 Oct 15:45 , 0 comments

Nomaterra Artist Spotlight: Michelle Kiela

Nomaterra has been working closely with Michelle Kiela, who has been wholeheartedly involved in the redesign of our packaging, and is behind the gorgeously-detailed illustrations of some of America's greatest cities for Nomaterra's newest scents. Our task at hand was to marry the authenticity of the city-scents inside the box, with artwork representing the locations themselves, to create a cohesive movement from packaging to scent. Above, you see photos and our collaborative imagination and memories of these places turned into authentic sketches that engulf you and make you feel like you are there. (Right now we're staring at the Oahu landscape, wishing we could escape this Brooklyn rain!) Michelle is first and foremost an artist, with a Masters in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, but also an incredibly talented graphic designer (She received her Bachelor's in Graphic Design from St. John's University). I would highly suggest checking out her work here:!fine-arts/c1yaj and if you're looking to have artwork or graphic design done for a current or future project of yours, reach out to Michelle at

Nomaterra is back at the Hester Street Fair This Weekend Posted on 2 Oct 16:05 , 0 comments

Nomaterra is back at the Hester Street Fair This Weekend

Come see Nomaterra this Saturday, October 5th, from 10 am to 6 pm at the Hester Street Fair. Try out our newest scents--Malibu, Oahu, Boston, and Savannah. We'll finally have our candles available for sale for all of you that have started planning your holiday gifts!

Nomaterra At the Hester Street Fair Posted on 4 Sep 12:49 , 0 comments

20130904-124645.jpg Come see Nomaterra this Saturday, September 7th, from 10 am to 6 pm at the Hester Street Fair. Hope to see you all there!

Fragrance Spotlight Friday: East Hampton Posted on 30 Aug 11:21 , 0 comments


Found in our classic East Hampton fragrance, Atlantic White Cedar originally thrived in swampy, low-elevation wetlands, characteristic  of the Hampton and Montauk areas. The swamps were destroyed by rising sea levels, as well as lumbered, drained and cleared for farmland,  but a few Atlantic White Cedar stands still remain.  Before Long Island’s population boom, cedar swamps formed an almost continuous chain from Brooklyn to Montauk Point.This special cedar is typical of some historic rustic cedar shingles found on many of the waterfront homes in the Hamptons and Montauk. In 2011, tree trunk remains of the Atlantic White Cedar  had been exposed on the shore due to extreme erosion from Hurricane Irene, and were found to be dating back about 4500 years ago.

East Hampton is a light, woody floral scent. It is sophisticated and elegant, with a Bohemian twist. East Hampton invites you to experience the feelings of artists and writers past, lured by the promise of golden, wispy dunes, refreshing breezes, and quaint front porches. Try it here.

Nomaterra at New York Now! Posted on 13 Aug 11:18 , 0 comments

Noma NY Now   Hello Nomaterra fans, we've got some exciting news for you! This week we'll be down at Pier 94 at the NY Now Trade Show, where we will be introducing lots of awesome new things: 4 new scents, candles, roll-ons, and our signature collection. All of this is just in time for the holidays! For those of you in the New York area please be sure to stop by our booth and see all the new great products we have to offer, or if you're not in the area be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for lots of great pictures! And watch in stores nearby for more amazing Nomaterra newness coming your way this fall!

Nomaterra On-The-Go Posted on 7 Aug 10:09 , 0 comments

20130807-100749.jpg Nomaterra fragrances keep you fresh on the go, from airplanes to taxis or where ever your journey may take you!

Quotation Thursday: The City That Never Sleeps Edition Posted on 1 Aug 11:21 , 0 comments

[caption id="attachment_2631" align="aligncenter" width="300"]NYC energy city never sleeps NYC - the city that never sleeps[/caption]

"There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless." - Simone de Beauvoir

We love this quote about our home, and couldn't agree more! There's something electric about New York that makes it feel like a moment spent on sleep is a moment wasted. What is your favorite part about your home town? Be sure to let us know and follow Nomaterra on Twitter and Facebook!

Nomaterra On-The-Go Posted on 25 Jul 11:03 , 0 comments

20130725-110158.jpg We love how easy it is to stay fresh and smelling great while adventuring around the city with Nomaterra travel sprays!

Travel Shot Tuesday: Caribbean Edition Posted on 16 Jul 11:29 , 0 comments

[caption id="attachment_2639" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Alabaster Bay, Bonaire Alabaster Bay, Bonaire[/caption] Summers in the city can be pretty brutal, and they always leave us dreaming about island getaways. We love the private look of this secluded beach on Alabaster Bay in Bonaire, a gorgeous little island in the Caribbean. Where is your dream getaway? Be sure to follow Nomaterra on Twitter and Facebook!
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